• In Cats and Dogs Does Laparoscopic Ovariectomy Offer Advantages Over Open Ovariectomy for Postoperative Recovery? 22nd June 2017
    Clinical bottom line:Available research suggests ovariectomy by laparoscopy leads to a more positive recovery following surgery, due to reduced pain and smaller reductions in activity levels postoperatively when compared to open ovariectomy. In practices where laparoscopic equipment and expertise are available, offering laparoscopic ovariectomy for routine spays of cats and dogs may be advantageous to […]
    Cherry Phypers
  • Are Blood Lactate Levels Better Than a Crystal Ball – the Veterinary Evidence Base 16th June 2017
    Blood lactate levels are a simple and inexpensive parameter that is increasingly available to practitioners in both emergency medicine and general practice. But what does it really tell us? The earliest studies in people dating from the 1970s were the first to advocate lactate as a prognostic indicator with one of the landmark studies showing […]
    Amanda Boag