• Evaluation of Cosmetic Results of Surgical Wound Closure in Dogs 15th February 2018
    Objective: To evaluate the correlation between wound cosmesis and pet owner satisfaction, to determine the agreement among vet surgeons, and pet owners evaluating a surgical wound with a visual assessment score (VAS), and to determine the agreement between the VAS, a semi-quantitative score of wound inflammation, and wound width.Background: Perception of post-surgical cosmesis by human […]
    Rachel Williams
  • Evidenced Based Approach for a Definition of Defined Daily Dosages of Antibiotics Used in German Pig Production 8th February 2018
    The use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine and a resulting development of antimicrobial resistance is a topic of major concern. Especially for primary care, evidence is needed to guarantee the efficacy of anti­biotic drugs in future. For this, the correct dosage is an essential measure to prevent antibiotic resistance. Because veterinarians used practice differs from […]
    Lothar Kreienbrock