• In canine cranial cruciate ligament rupture is outcome following TPLO improved compared with lateral suture? 20th September 2019
    PICO question In dogs over 15 kg, with cranial cruciate ligament rupture is there evidence of improved outcome following tibial plateau levelling osteotomy or lateral fabellotibial suture? Clinical bottom line Although the evidence is not conclusive, the literature reviewed here suggests that tibial plateau levelling osteotomy (TPLO) results in superior limb function and owner satisfaction […]
    Catrina Pennington
  • Does Pet Remedy reduce stress in dogs? 16th September 2019
    PICO question In stressed dogs, does using a Pet Remedy diffuser, compared to not using one, result in lowered stress levels? Clinical bottom line Three studies were reviewed, two that investigated Pet Remedy and one that investigated Valerian (an active ingredient in Pet Remedy) on aspects of canine behaviour associated with stress. The highest quality […]
    Louise Anne Buckley