• Performance and Behavioural Effects of Separating Dairy Cows and Their Calves at Birth 19th July 2019
    PICO questionIn Dairy Cows and Calves separated at birth vs. suckled with the mother, are there any behavioural and performance effects on both cow and/or calf?Clinical bottom lineCalves allowed to suckle from their mothers show stronger behavioural bonds at weaning and appear to gain more weight (at weaning) than separated and automatically fed calves. However, […]
    Michael Steele
  • Reducing Veterinary Waste: Surgical Site Infection Risk and the Ecological Impact of Woven and Disposable Drapes 5th July 2019
    PICO questionIn animals undergoing surgery, does the use of disposable synthetic drapes reduce the risk of surgical site infections when compared to reusable woven drapes?Clinical bottom lineCurrent literature on the risk of surgical site infection with disposable and reusable drapes in animals is limited. Three human studies were reviewed, one systematic review and two controlled […]
    Molly Vasanthakumar